Asian skincare for Indian skin.

Because who wouldn't desire the widely admired benefits of Asian Skincare?

Because Rice, a staple in asian skincare, has been incorporated from ancient Ayurveda & Geishas to modern K-Beauty

Limited Range,
Maximum Impact.

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Launching Soon
Launching Soon
Our products are free from SLS, parabens, silicones & mineral oils.

The Tales of

Our empowering dream

The Historical Inspiration

The story of Beyond Rice is the harmonious fusion of legacy and conscious skincare. The story unfolds with Pardhu exploring the world of rice and milling processes alongside his grandfather, Mr. Nallamothu Venkat Ramaiah, a pioneer in rice production since 1985. The turning point occurred when Shraddha, a skincare enthusiast with extensive knowledge, joined us, revealing the significance of rice in skincare. Together, they realized the amazing power of using rice for beautiful and healthy skin. Thus, Beyond Rice took shape to embrace your natural radiance.

Our vision is to empower a new understanding of skincare and beauty. We believe that true beauty comes from healthy, glowing skin, not the color or texture. Our products are designed to help you embrace your natural radiance and confidence.

From the beauty rituals of Japan & Korea to the traditional practices of China and Indian Ayurveda, All the rice-related components have been highly valued as vital skincare ingredients for centuries. Beyond Rice is inspired by ancient beauty wisdom and practices. These age-old traditions form the basis of our effective skincare products. With the natural goodness of rice, we invite you on a journey through time, embracing beauty secrets that have passed the test of ages.

We're all Ears.

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